A life to live

(On Friday I shared the end of a journal that spanned July 2016 to May 2017. Here is how I started that book.)

The world is never as bleak as all that. I have spent weeks despairing that my writing prowess is declining, only to wake up this morning to review the last few pages of my last journal and find them bristling with insight and creativity (if I say so myself).

We are all going to die, preferably of natural causes and when we have spent every last drop of creativity, and given all we have left to this world. And in the meantime we have a life to live. Make it your life. Make them your choices. Be intentional; intend to succeed. Intend to be alive. Intend to be here.

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Wordsmith and podcaster, Warren is a reporter, editor and storyteller who lives near the shores of Green Bay with his wife, two golden retrievers, Dejah and Summer, and Blackberry, an insistent cat. Author of It's Going to Be All Right, Echoes of Freedom Past, Full, Refuse to be Afraid, Gladness is Infectious, 24 flashes, How to Play a Blue Guitar, Myke Phoenix: The Complete Novelettes, A Bridge at Crossroads, The Imaginary Bomb, A Scream of Consciousness, and The Imaginary Revolution.

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