We are all creatives

Everyone is a creator. Everyone creates, every day.

Maybe you create burgers based on a template the company gave you. Maybe you dig ditches or build houses or create the wiring for that house. Maybe you create reports filled with numbers or facts. Or maybe you’re creative in the traditional sense, you know, you paint, you write, you sculpt, you compose music.

The point is we all create. It’s what we do. It is written that we are made in the image of our Creator, so of course we are creators ourselves.

For many years I fancied myself as a musician. I wrote songs. I created 20 albums just for fun and then stopped. I only realized recently that I didn’t “fancy myself as” a musician. I WAS a musician. I created music; that’s what musicians do. It doesn’t matter if it’s Carnegie Hall quality music; a musician is someone who makes music. When I decide to make music again, I will be a musician again.

To be a creator, all you had to do was be born. We are endowed at birth with the ability — and perhaps the craving — to create. We are makers; we make stuff, whether it’s poems or songs or tractors.

I read about the imposter syndrome the other day, about how even the greatest among us are secretly wondering when everyone will figure out they’re just making it up as they go and they’re not really the great person we think they are. Self-doubt seems to be part of any endeavor, but the plain fact is we become a maker through the act of making, the urge to make is built into our souls, and we make every day.

Whether it’s “good enough” is irrelevant. The act of creation proves you a creator, so stop saying you “fancy yourself as” a creator and realize that you are, in fact, what you fancy yourself to be. You have been, even before you set your mind and started doing.

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