Report from exile

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I have tested positive for the plague and am being strongly encouraged to stay isolated for at least five days. If I go out in public, I have to wear a mask and hire someone to walk 10 feet in front of me shouting, “Unclean! Unclean!”

How will I handle this opportunity?

For it IS an opportunity — to sit at home, with nothing to do except write.

Oh, the responsibilities of the day job go on in this electronic age, but all travel ceases for now, eliminating up to two hours on the road each day. Red is staying with the kids for a few days for her own good, so I have nothing to do except water her flowers, tend to the pets, eat, sleep, and write and write and write.

Or will I read and binge-watch TV?

This is it: The ultimate test of my commitment to the creative life. Now we find, if I was stranded on a desert isle, would I write or vegetate?

Of course, I’m off that hook if I get sicker, but I feel much better than I did Friday, so the early signs point to a quickish recovery. I’m writing this, after all, and on Friday my brain was mush and all I could do was sleep.


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