Pep talk

Enough with the woe-is-me not-Monday-again pity party. What a weekend that was, to rest and recharge and cheer on the team, and now here’s Monday waiting for you to take it on.

Your mission is to stare Monday in the eye and say, “Show me what you’ve got,” and when it hits you with all it has, smile and say, “Is that all?”

You can droop your shoulders and say, “Oh, it’s Monday,” or you can square your shoulders and say, “Oh! It’s Monday!”

If you live for Friday, no worries. It’s waiting for you on the other side of the week, and it’ll be that much sweeter if you give it all you’ve got between now and then.

The song says, “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.” But you don’t have to trust the day. Trust yourself and make it real.

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