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Regular readers will no doubt notice a change in the blog’s font. I like this website design, but I’ve always thought the default font was a little fainter than I’d prefer. A reader’s Facebook comment that it was hard to read finally lit the fire under me to do a search for “changing WordPress fonts.” I hope this somewhat darker font is an improvement.

 This is the 811th day in a row that I’ve dropped a blog post in this space, but I have not been as conscientious with my journaling habit. Still, I usually don’t neglect pressing pen to paper for more than a day, so I was alarmed to pick up the book Wednesday morning and discover I’d been away from the journal for five days. Yipes!

I maintained the blog streak during my time away from the journal, of course, although I finished one post shortly after 11:30 p.m. for the 12:01 a.m. posting, and life went on, including the new book shipping on Oct. 18 as scheduled. But I did feel a little more centered on Wednesday, having spent a little while at the beginning of the day scrawling out words to figure out what I was thinking and feeling.

While I was rearranging the furniture on the website a little, I did some thinking about presentation and such. A friend once told me my writing reads like the way I talk, and I often find myself wondering if my stuff would be more popular if people heard my words the way I say them. That’s one motivation behind my recent experiments with reading my blog posts. By the way, does anyone miss the readings? It would be a very small investment of time to make them a regular feature, so I’ll bring it back if you want, and maybe even if you don’t.

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