Another road to the next sentence

The other day I wrote you should just write the next sentence, not worry about The Big Picture or The Big Project, when you find yourself stuck looking at a blinking cursor or a blank page.

Wouldn’t you know it, no sooner had I posted that post and gone to bed when I started tossing and turning and thinking, “Wait a minute.”

You also can be inspired to write the next sentence by thinking about The Big Picture.

Remember the “why” of it all. What got you started writing This Big Project in the first place? Remember the fever that struck when you had the idea? The Big Picture is something that filled you with passion and sent you rushing to the page to write it down.

I’m not saying scrap what I said the other day. I believe fervently in scribbling away until suddenly a work of art erupts from your fingers. (For one thing, that’s fun.) That usually works for me, but if it doesn’t, well, try this instead.

There’s a reason you started The Big Project, and if you recapture that reason, you might just finish.

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