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I downplayed it the other day, but we did get the predicted big hairy snowfall the last couple of days, and I admit I’m a bit weary from hours of snow-blowing and shoveling. The official measurement was 15.8 inches at the county seat, about 25 miles north of us.

Mother Nature wins this round. The schools and most routine activity were shut down, and the day revolved around pushing the accumulated snow out of the way. 

The crews on the snowplows cleared the main roads, at least, at a pace that would have seemed miraculous a few years ago, and the electricity stayed on throughout the cold and windy storm.

I’ve been daydreaming about how we would fare should all our modern conveniences and grids fail us. I expect I would wish I had spent more time learning how things work and how to repair what we have. But this time I didn’t have to face any such scenarios.

The spring equinox is about 25 days away. I have been ready for a couple months or so.

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