Literally cant

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The fairie looked back at the horse and grinned.

“You there, horse,” said the fairie. “Have you ever seen the like?”

The horse gaped.

“Nope, not in this lifetime,” said the horse. And if horses could smile, this horse would have.

Words can’t describe the sight, so I can only describe their reaction. Both creatures broke into widey-wide smiles bigger than smiles are expected to be, and their hearts swelled with a mad joy, and they would spend the rest of their lives remembering the sight and unable to put it into words. They were forever grateful for having seen it, as would anyone.

What do you mean, what did they see? I refer you to the previous paragraph, the one that begins, “Words can’t describe the sight.” As I am using words, it should be clear that I am unable to describe what they saw. Oh, but they saw it, make no mistake, and they were forever changed. One woman smiled for the next 46 years that remained of her life. 

And so, yes, if you ask if lives were changed that day, and for the better, yes, yes, yes. 

Our lives need wonder, and on that day of all days, wonder was in abundance.

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