70 TV series I spent a lot of time watching

When I set out to list 70 TV series that affected me enough to watch hour after hour, in many cases from beginning to end, at first I was skeptical that I could get to 70. But some of my favorite shows ended up between 61 and 70 as I looked back through the list and thought, “OMG, I almost forgot (for example) Bosch.” 

We spend a lot of time in front of the television, we humans. Technology has given us more leisure time than past generations, as well as entertainment at the touch of a button, and so we press that button in hopes of finding — well, in hopes of finding entertainment as fine as these programs.

And we share our lists as a kind of shorthand: Hi. Pleased to meet you. I liked these programs a lot, even adored some of them; if you did, too, maybe we’re compatible enough to build a friendship.

Again, these are in no particular order (except for #1) — I only numbered them to make sure I hit 70.

1. Firefly

2. Judd for the Defense

3. Star Trek

4. Eli Stone

5. Sherlock

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

7. Star Trek: The Next Generation 

8. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

9. Midsomer Murders

10. Foyle’s War

11. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

12. After Life

13. Jericho (2006-2008)

14. 24

15. The X-Files

16. Hill Street Blues

17. Homicide: Life On the Street

18. Wonderfalls

19. Freaks and Geeks

20. Wanted

21. Miranda

22. Dead to Me

23. Cheers

24. Breaking Bad

25. Better Call Saul

26. Doctor Who

27. Lost in Space

28. WKRP in Cincinnati

29. Barney Miller

30. Murdoch Mysteries

31. The Blacklist

32. Lou Grant

33. Soupy Sales

34. Diver Dan

35. The Dick Van Dyke Show

36. Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In

37. Branded

38. The Smothers Brothers

39. The Avengers

40. The Prisoner

41. Longmire

42. Bonanza

43, My Favorite Martian

44. The Addams Family

45. The Munsters

46. The Flintstones

47. The Jetsons

48. The Monkees

49. Shindig

50. C.B. Strike

51. Bewitched

52. I Love Lucy

53. The Twilight Zone

54. The Outer Limits

55. Downton Abbey

56. 800 Words

57. American Idol

58. Bones

59. The Crown

60. Batman: The Animated Series

61. Person of Interest

62. Alias

63. House

64. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

65. House of Cards

66. Jessica Jones

67. Fringe

68. Bosch

69. Pushing Daisies

70. NCIS

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