Fine smoke and grand mirrors

At some point you either succumb to hopelessness or you stamp your foot, shake your head and your booty, and cry, “Enough!” A person gets tired of felling tired and worn down by the various and sundry injustices of the world. Tyrants petty and large loom over the landscape wreaking sundry havoc, life in general is unfair and often harsh, and oh bother, Eeyore, just trouble and bother, eh?

People are shouting and whispering in your ear, “Stand up! Get off the mat and fight,” and though you are content to lie on the mat and rest, at some point yes, you have to get up. You make your way through the unfairness and the injustice and you make a life despite all that dross and detritus. All you have been given to work with are your life and your body, and it has to be enough. And come to think, all anyone is given is a life and a body, and it IS enough. You may not see it as you lie there, feeling defeated, but God, the universe and everything everywhere all at once have given you the tools to make a life, and so off we go — Off we go on the adventure of a lifetime, because a lifetime IS an adventure, don’t you know.

Perhaps this little pep talk is brought to you by Humbug Incorporated, and I am trying to conjure a miracle out of smoke and mirrors, but even the humbug has to rise off the mat, doesn’t he? Somebody has to make the smoke, and someone has to invent a mirror, and it may not be what you want it to be, but it’s fine smoke and a grand set of mirrors, and if you work hard enough, someday it just may become what you want it to be after all.

What’s that you’re saying? I’m full of excrement? Did you know everybody poops? You’ll find excrement deep inside all of us. What’s your point? We can focus on the waste product or we can focus on the building blocks. Every moment of every day presents a choice: Wallow in the excrement or rise above. Once choice may be easier than the other, but the more challenging choice is more likely to bring contentment.

Time to rise above? It shouldn’t even be a question. Choose to rise every time and oh, the heights you will reach.

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