It does say ‘and podcaster,’ after all

I have resumed recording my blog entries as part of the daily routine. The stats say almost no one is listening; on the other hand, I have had days with 10 Facebook “Likes” on days when the stats say I had only four or five readers, so it’s hard to trust the stats.

And why care about the stats? I enjoy doing dramatic readings and adding a dimension to the words. You know the difference between a text and a conversation, right? Same thing.

They say the stuff you love to do is what you would keep doing if everyone stopped watching or listening. And sometimes it takes a while for the rest of us to catch up to you. Ask Emily Dickinson.

And so I will read my little blatherings to you whether you care to listen or not.

You’re welcome!

– – – – –

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3 thoughts on “It does say ‘and podcaster,’ after all

  1. I’ve got that Macbook Air M1….the base model. A wonderful device. Also got a Mac-mini M1, and a beast of a Mac Studio. Got the latter when I started using Logic Pro. Shouldn’t have to get another computer until the M3. Stay well.

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