Serendipity at the crossroads

Talking with my daughter-in-law tonight, I was struck by the number of times serendipity seems to have changed the direction of my life.

Not long after attending a high school presentation by a local college about the value of a liberal arts education, but preferring to go to school somewhere in the Midwest, I was recruited by Ripon College, a liberal arts school in the Midwest.

Four days before graduating from Ripon and wishing I could stay in Wisconsin, I walked into a radio station in Waupaca and learned they needed a news director. 

Out of work as a newly “born again” Christian, I tuned into my favorite Christian radio station and heard the general manager talking about how they wanted to start up a news department.

Red went looking for a record collector so she could give away her LPs and found me.

Perhaps the most amazing example came after I was offered the job as editor of the Door County Advocate. I was unsure whether to take the job or stay at my position in Green Bay. Red and I visited the county and happened upon the newspaper office, which was closed. 

On the wall outside the front door was an engraved reproduction of the front page of the first Advocate, published March 22, 1862. It so happens I was also born on March 22, a few decades after that. My time at the Advocate became the highlight of my career.

And here I am at another crossroads, having lost my beloved Red. I almost can hardly wait to see what God will show me next.

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