The new pup on the block

This is our 1-year-old, Summer. Today is the 363rd day that she has resided with us; Sunday is the anniversary of her coming home. Puppies turn into dogs so quickly, but yes, they are here and gone faster than you can imagine. This is a stubborn beast. She absolutely will not respond to “Summer, come!”Continue reading “The new pup on the block”

The joy of running off-leash

Summer and I have begun taking walks through our land of late. For now I have to keep her leashed, but I try to let her lead the way for the most part.  We may wander near our wildflowers, up and down the septic mound, or as we did Wednesday morning, through the woods. SummerContinue reading “The joy of running off-leash”

Walk with me

The dog walked over and sat down next to the easy chair, looking up with the sad puppy-dog eyes that dogs have mastered since the beginning of time. “I’m bored,” her eyes seemed to say. “There’s nothing to do here. Is this all there is to life?” “You could read a book,” he said withContinue reading “Walk with me”

For the love of dog

Dejah is officially 9 years old this month, although she didn’t actually join our clan until Oct. 4, 2013. She is the shaggy old girl now, patient-ish big sister to Summer Winds-or Willow, named after her parents and her beloved predecessor.  Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars, is of course named after the Edgar Rice BurroughsContinue reading “For the love of dog”

Birthday girl

It’s a little unclear exactly when Summer was born. The folks at Golden Royalty Retrievers announced on Facebook the night of July 19, 2021, that Lady was starting to deliver her litter, and through the ensuing night 10 little pups came into the world. For the sake of efficiency, her birth certificate says July 20,Continue reading “Birthday girl”

A picture of Tucker

The tiny German shepherd pup was rapidly digging a big space in my heart. If I named him, I would never let him go. Because I wanted never to let him go, I was thinking of possible names. “What about Studebaker?” My then-wife scoffed. “You’re not going to name a dog after a car.” “OK,”Continue reading “A picture of Tucker”

W.B.’s Book Report: Holy Chow

In the months since we lost Willow The Best Dog There Is™, I was comforted and entertained by the stories of Andy Carpenter by David Rosenfelt. Carpenter is a defense attorney who loves dogs, most especially Tara, a golden retriever he believes to be the best dog ever, mainly because he never met Willow, ofContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Holy Chow”

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