Autumn sunshine and the promise of snow

The sun is back today. Yesterday was Gray close your eyes and rest in the gloom, and today is slowly building into Look at all the glory come and run in the light — although now the green is starting to fade to yellow and red in anticipation of future brown.

On days like today, everything looks like potential, although deadlines are hinted in the approaching fall colors. Many of the tasks at hand ought to be done before it’s too cold to be outside comfortably for long – and so we’re talking a couple of months to do them – others must be completed before the work involves tramping and digging through snow.

It’s hard to imagine snow on a day like this – just as in a few months it will be hard to imagine green and flowers and a warm breeze from the south and ice cream melting in our hands. It’s the circle of seasons, time marching on and opportunities rising and being missed all in a row.

Let today be the one (or one of many) where opportunity is seized and grappled into life.

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