Almost Fully Launched

“I made this!”

OK, so this is the day the “pre-order” phase ends and people can launch the print-on-demand process immediately when you order my new book, Full, from your favorite book store. Someday, no doubt, books will be printed on the same day they’re demanded, but I think the existing tech is pretty awesome in itself.

Since I posted this photo on Facebook with the tagline “I made this!” the interest in Full has been greater than my usual book launch, which is gratifying. I’ve always been happy to let my books find an audience at their own pace, which is to say I do not aggressively market my stuff. (That, no doubt, is one reason why I still have a day job and the books are my side hustle.)

I hope to get a little more involved in sharing this little book with the world, including the unprecedented step of talking with local book stores about stocking their shelves with Full, and I’m going to make some calls that may result in a modest book tour. It probably won’t extend outside of Door and Kewaunee counties, but who knows what might happen once I get out there?

And sometime before my 70th birthday (now a mere 21 months away) I want to plug that microphone back in, warm up the old radio voice, and join the audiobook revolution.

But don’t wait on that possibility — with my tendency toward procrastination, my next book will probably be published before I get around to recording the Full audiobook. (Or maybe by publicly shaming myself, I can light a fire under my tail.)

But yes, Full: Rockets, Bells & Poetry, my latest collection of random-ish thoughts, is now on sale through your favorite bookstore, either print-on-demand or ebook. Thanks for snapping up one of the first copies!

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