The dreams of ending roads

I needed two dreams for my subconscious to drive home the point.

A long-ago friend and I set off on a journey in an RV not unlike the one Red and I have talked about buying (or renting to see if we and the dogs like it). We are sailing through the countryside and roar up a hill. As we crest the hill, the road ends suddenly and we plummet nose-first toward the dark waters of a vast lake. I woke myself up before I could feel the impact.

I lay in the dark wondering what that dream was all about. I settled on the idea that my subconscious is worried if we buy the RV we’ll be underwater in no time. Right; back to sleep.

Now I’m heading to cover some meeting with my reporter tools. I stop for lunch and head off in the direction of the meeting site — it’s going to be in a tall building I can see rising over the trees, some distance off. I’m driving along, keeping an eye on the big building so I know I’m headed in the right direction, and suddenly the road has ended and I’m sailing through the air toward a watery marsh, and it’s pretty clear I’m about to splash, sink and drown.

It was my subconscious telling me I missed the point of the first dream. So what DID the dreams mean? Maybe it’s a reminder that we live our lives, making our plans, cruising down the road, and one day the road will just stop and the journey will end — so it’s best to concentrate mainly on what’s important along the way.

I slept peacefully the rest of the night, so I presume my subconscious felt, “mission accomplished.”

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