Shame on the saber rattlers

Kamila Valieva © Agenzia LiveMedia |

As athletes from around the world gather to compete in a spirit of peace and cooperation, sabers are rattling in the halls of perceived power. Oh, how weary of this dance we all are.

What a miraculous creation is the human body, which can twist and turn and run and skate with grace and skill and speed. What a despicable creation is the diseased human mind that conjures ways to penetrate and tear and explode the human body.

And for what cause? A patch of territory? A show of strength? A match of pissing? Sometimes I feel the people who built engines of mass destruction are merely itching to pull the trigger to see how well they work.

Or, even more ominous, I wonder if they wish to decrease the surplus population as a favor to those left behind after their havoc is wrought, not remembering that Scrooge was cured of his delusion that human beings may be regarded as “surplus population.”

Why are the vultures of war carrying on while the mission of peace unfolds half a world away? Why do the Powers That Be grow anxious at the sight of strong men and women competing to see who is best at games of skill and strength rather than who is best at killing and maiming?

We have more in common than differences, and that above all frightens the Powers That Be who thrive only when we clash. Shame on the saber rattlers. May they rot in their own mess and leave the rest of us to live together in peace.

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