So there it is

My shelving-unit exchange the other day had an unexpected side benefit: I found Dream Big by Bob Goff in a pile on one of the units. 

I’d read the book with some interest a couple years ago and set it aside. Then earlier this summer I was introduced to Goff’s earlier books, Love Does and Everybody, Always, and got to know and like Goff a little more completely.

I looked high and low for Dream Big because I didn’t remember taking it to Goodwill or lending it to a friend, so it had to be in my possession somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. I finally decided I did take it to Goodwill — but then, there it was in the large tower of shelves next to my desk. Obviously I never thought to look there.

I’ve already had my mind rekindled. Here’s a bit from the introduction to Dream Big, where he’s talking about how we write stuff in each other’s high school yearbooks:

“Never change” was written in my yearbook by at least a dozen people. It’s the worst advice I’ve ever received. We’re supposed to change constantly — into kinder, humbler, more faithful versions of our old selves. This change and growth happens when we sort out the truth from the lies in our lives.

Ain’t that the truth? Everything changes, and we change along with it all. I think of interactions I had in my twenties and thirties and think, “Who was that guy and how did anybody like him?” I’d like to think I’m a kinder, humbler version of myself by now, although just saying that doesn’t sound very humble.

But the thought is a good one. We should be striving every day to be a better person than we were the day before.

So I’m off to a good start on my second go-round with Dream Big. I’ll tell you how the rest goes.

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