Surviving without essentials

I don’t know if this will ever reach anyone, but if it does, know that life without the internet is excruciating but not impossible. Eighteen hours now without a reliable signal. 

Fortunately I kept a supply of paper and pens and pencils from olden times, and I was able to sketch out some ideas and write notes to people that may or may not someday see the light. I was able intermittently to use my phone as a personal hotspot, but other people must have had the same idea because response time slowed to a crawl. The cellular company must be having fits.

I went out to cut the lawn for a while, but we are having record high temperatures so that became unpleasant fast. So I came back in and took care of some stuff I had been meaning to do, like hang the motivational plaques above my writing desk (photo above).

I moved a large tower of shelves — it held stereo units back when those were a thing — out of the office and into the living room, replacing a small bookcase, and moved the little bookcase into the office, giving the dogs and I more room to maneuver around my desk.

With no streaming to be had, I listened to a couple of CDs and LPs. It was like living decades ago when if you wanted to know what was happening in the world, you had to turn on the TV or radio and wait for the news to come on. How did we survive?

The internet company still says “There’s an outage in your area, our techs are aware and working on restoring service,” but what does that mean? I suppose it’s not like food and water are running out, but how long can I live without a steady flow of information and gossip? My mind is going blanker by the minute. Or wait — is my mind getting clearer? It almost feels like it, but that makes no sense. 

I just pulled my phone out of my pocket to see if anything has changed in the last three minutes — why do I do that? OMG, when will the nightmare end?

If you never hear from me again, I want everyone to know that — Wait! Did my email app just ding? Let me see — It’s back! It’s back! Thank the Lord almighty above, I can assimilate again. 

What’s this? Here’s a Facebook ad for a local listening session coming up in my area about how to improve broadband service. How did it know? How did it know?!?

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