Everybody Lives

The last thing I remember before I was jolted upright and out of bed was seeing a top-ten list — maybe it was books or maybe it was songs or albums or movies or TV shows. All I remember from the dream is seeing the title of the No. 2 item:
Everybody Lives.
Everybody Lives!

There are so many things we have to go through in life, but it’s life — Everybody Lives!
Nobody lives forever, but Everybody Lives!
Everybody gets a broken heart sometime, but Everybody Lives!
Bad stuff happens and sad stuff happens, but Everybody Lives!

I can’t say why that thought galvanized me, but galvanize me it did. And maybe it’s silly to make a big deal about it, but dang it, I’m excited.
We have to live through so much to get where we’re going, but we live every minute of it, and that’s the beauty.

Everybody Lives!

I don’t even care what was No. 1 on the list.

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