Still going to be all right

I was reminded the other day that it’s going to be all right was released on October 18 of last year. Despite the horrors going on around the world on a regular basis, I still believe that’s true, which makes me either a damn fool or wise beyond my years. You are always welcome to part with a handful of your hard-earned dollars, read the book and decide for yourself, and if you do I will be grateful beyond words.

What struck me about this anniversary is that a full year has passed since I added to my little pile of books by Warren Bluhm and that, with less than three months left, 2023 is so far the first year in five years that I have not published a new book.

The technological advances of the last 15 years have made book publishing practical and inexpensive for everyman and everywoman, a fact that has brought well-deserved disruption to the traditional book industry. For better or for worse, gatekeepers no longer stand between the author and the reader, decreeing what content is worthy to be seen by the world. Yes, a lot of bad books have been unleashed on the world, but you know what? Even the gatekeepers let some awful stuff get out, and there are legendary stories about how they held back some brilliant work for too long.

At the moment has 22 books out in the print-on-demand and ebook world. I wrote 12 of them and edited the other 10 — six books in the Roger Mifflin Collection, three short editions of historical essays, and the 1930s “boys adventure” Air Monster. My to-do list includes setting up a Shopify page so that you don’t have to search for me via Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Kobo or all the other places where my stuff is out there.

That to-do list also includes firing up the assembly line again. I’m in no position to make any announcements yet, but the next five quarters ought to add some titles to the stable, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. You will be among the first to know, and thank you for stopping by to check.

I love reading, and I love people who love reading, and I enjoy sharing that love. So happy anniversary to my latest book, and stay tuned to hear what’s next.

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