Everyone is in sales

I encountered the concept again in a short book I read Thursday by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener called Twelve Pillars. “Everything is sales,” is one of the 12 pillars for a successful life that an old handyman, Charlie, passes on to the book’s protagonist, a down-on-his-luck sales guy named Michael Jones. If you recognizeContinue reading “Everyone is in sales”

Cast yourself in the movie

“My mom used to have a saying when things were getting crazy, or we were lost in a dirt road someplace, or any other random thing came up: ‘Just think of it as an adventure.’” That quote — JUST THINK OF IT AS AN ADVENTURE — leapt off the page at me more or lessContinue reading “Cast yourself in the movie”

This much is true

Of course you can do it. Of course, you’re scared it won’t be as good as you want it to be, and chances are very good that, yes, it won’t be. So what? An imperfect-but-realized dream is better than the perfect project that remains in your imagination forever. An imperfect-but-finished-and-shipped project is better than noContinue reading “This much is true”

Fred and Benny show up

“Some days you got nothing, but you show up anyway,” Fred said. The words just hung there waiting for a nod or a blink or a wink, but Benny had nothing, either. “I got nothing, either,” Benny said. Benny stared at Fred, and Fred stared at Benny. “What do you want to do about it?”Continue reading “Fred and Benny show up”

The pursuit of excellence

One of the many “old friends I haven’t seen in years but I think I know because I see their Facebook posts all the time” posted this the other day, from a website called Cover Band Central: to all musicians who are slowly giving up, don’t. just because someone is weighing you down, or youContinue reading “The pursuit of excellence”

The tenth suggestion

When I posted the link to Tuesday’s post on Facebook, I introduced it with, “Things I knew but didn’t always do.” Almost every regret I might have comes from forgetting one or more of these things. + Don’t go into debt. I still remember the stereo system I didn’t want to wait for. It wasContinue reading “The tenth suggestion”

Two pages, two moments

I turned the page and saw two blank, facing pages. First I felt trepidation. Whatever do I have to say? What could I possibly write to fill such a space? Who am I to presume I could fill these pages? Then I looked again and saw two blank, facing pages. This time a feeling ofContinue reading “Two pages, two moments”

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