These difficult times ain’t

We laughed at the sixth or seventh TV ad, all of them for different products or services, all of them nearly identical, and we haven’t stopped laughing.

They start with a somber solo piano … and then the announcer says …

“In these difficult times …”

“We’ll get through this …”

“… because we’re all in this … together.”

OK. We get the message. I disagree.

Not with the “we’ll get through this together” part. The first part.

What’s so much more difficult (or “challenging” or even “unprecedented”) about these times?

In fact, these times are pretty easy in comparison.

Surviving day to day has always been difficult. It’s always been challenging. But modern medicine, food supply chains, communications, and a plethora of modern conveniences make surviving day to day a whole lot less difficult.

These times may be more uncomfortable than they were before someone decided that locking down the economy might be a good way to stop the spread of a serious virus (how’s that working out, by the way?) — but difficult? challenging? Unprecedented? Are you kidding me?

I’d rather be alive in 2021 than in 1941 or 1931 or 1861 or 1721 or 1621 — Now, THOSE were difficult and challenging times!

As I write this, the sun is shining, it’s a mild winter day, the house is warm and comfy, and life is full of promise. I’ve known a lot more difficult times than this, and if you think back, I’ll bet so have you.

The next time you hear somebody say those magic words, “these difficult and challenging times,” laugh out loud and get back to enjoying this wonderful life.

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