Beauty conquers fear

Each life is a gift from a higher power; may we accept this gift with gratitude and recognize the same miracle in others. May our gifts to others add only good and beautiful and love to their lives —

or a smile: May we greet hate and foolishness with humor and grace, because the ugly things in life wither in the face of a smile or a laugh.

I have been greeting alarmist headlines on the TV with an exaggerated “OH MY GAWD,” laughing at the fear mongers. Red may eventually be driven crazy by this, but it’s my effort to remind myself that life and hope and a good sense of humor still exist, still endure, sure as light follows dark and peace comes in the morning.

Resolve to add joy, beauty, humor, peace, good … Encourage the best of us, not the fearful cowering.

Meet the fear with hope, meet it with a stubborn intention to smooth the path for the next traveler along the road, a stubborn refusal to be ruffled by the potholes and cracks in the pavement.

Enough of what ails us! See what beauty surrounds us, see how much there is to love in this life that is over too soon, like a roller coaster ride returns to the starting point and we have to get out of the car and head back to the line.

Oh my gawd, what a wonderful world when we turn from fear and embrace the miracles.

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