On writing every day

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I got a new “Like” on Sunday night for “It’s a secret project. OOoooooooHhhhhh,” a post I posted Nov. 10 when I had an idea for a way to start a habit of writing fiction every day. I didn’t say what it was, but I concluded, “But most likely you’ll see something on Jan. 1 — or I’ll post a link to it from here — and you can say, ‘Oh, that must be that idea he had in November come to fruition.’ And the rest will be history, or not.”

You didn’t see anything unusual on Jan. 1, of course, at least nothing to do with me writing fiction every day, so here is the idea I had, and you can have it if you’d like: Write story the way comic strip writers write stories, a little bit every day. I spend about 20 seconds a day each with Dick Tracy and Luann, so maybe offer up a little more than 20 seconds worth of story, but just a smidgen every day and pretty soon you’ve got a complete story, and you’re writing every day.

My big idea back in November was to start right in, so that by the time I actually started sharing I would have about two months worth of story “in the can.” Sadly, like many of my big ideas, I did absolutely nothing of the sort.

I still think it’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll get a late start on it. And the rest will be history, or not.

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