Reclamation project in progress

I gave my fedora to the moose on the top shelf, and he wears it jauntily, a stuffed Indiana Jones retired from the field and grateful for the respite.

Dark forces are at large in the world today, weaving an undercurrent of despair and the death-fear, trying to make us lose hope and abandon faith that life will ever be normal again. But this IS normal. The cowards who deign to run our lives have always used sky-is-falling scenarios to fool us into doing their bidding. This latest attempt is merely on a grander scale.

And the way out of the trap is the same as always: No one can take your freedom away; you can only surrender it. Ignore the commands to relinquish your freedom and choices. The bullies won’t go away; they may even grow nastier, but in the end, you will find, they really can’t take a thing without your permission.

It really, really irritates them. They start saying things like “Our patience is wearing thin” that make them sound like foolish old movie villains. The threat of violence, and violence itself, are the last resorts of blue-footed boobies who don’t realize how powerless they really are. Even if the bully broke your nose, that only proved he couldn’t take your freedom, because you were still free to think he was a jerk, right? and more so than ever.

Indiana Moose surveys the scene and see only free people reclaiming their lives. 

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