Would you rather be safe or free?

From the archives: I wrote this in 1999, not long after the infamous shootings at Columbine High School. I really can’t add anything 24 years later. Would you rather be safe or free? Those are the choices, you know. There are ways you can try to protect yourself and your children from the possibility thatContinue reading “Would you rather be safe or free?”

You are a work of art

I walk down the long corridor between the hospital and the Cancer Center, where my darling Red has been transferred, turn a corner, and find an art gallery in the hallway. “You are a work of art,” says the first sign that greets the eye, and we are, aren’t we? Every day, every moment, weContinue reading “You are a work of art”

W.B. stages a book sale

The second edition of Echoes of Freedom Past, my book about reclaiming our liberty after the assaults of the last few years, goes live Tuesday, and to mark the occasion I’m having a little sale on my “trilogy” of books about the subject. Echoes is a collection drawn from this blog on the subject ofContinue reading “W.B. stages a book sale”

Daring to dream on a cold, windy day

I have always needed to create. Our father took scrap paper home from work, with dittoed or mimeographed stuff on one side, and we drew and wrote on the blank side. Comic books, songs, maps of imaginary countries — when I had a blank in front of me, I felt I had to fill itContinue reading “Daring to dream on a cold, windy day”

The one thing you need to know

[Back to the archive today, one of my most oft-read pieces, from May 26, 2015. A year later it became one of the “bonus tracks” as I expanded Refuse to be Afraid.] All you need to know is it’s up to you. Whatever “it” is, you can and must take care of it. That realizationContinue reading “The one thing you need to know”

A Song to Sing

I gave my newest book the title Echoes of Freedom Past. It’s a book about reopening, reclaiming and restoring liberty in a post-lockdown world. As the second-guessing that every writer experiences trickles along, I wonder if I should have named it A Song to Sing, after one of the blog posts that linchpins its theme.Continue reading “A Song to Sing”

W.B.’s Book Report: Amusing Ourselves to Death

Can you believe I waited 38 years to read Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman? I’ve heard about the book and had a feeling I should read it someday, but 38 years? Writing in 1984, Postman noted that the world at that time was not Orwellian as much as it recalled the vision AldousContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Amusing Ourselves to Death”

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