The one thing you need to know

[Back to the archive today, one of my most oft-read pieces, from May 26, 2015. A year later it became one of the “bonus tracks” as I expanded Refuse to be Afraid.] All you need to know is it’s up to you. Whatever “it” is, you can and must take care of it. That realizationContinue reading “The one thing you need to know”

A Song to Sing

I gave my newest book the title Echoes of Freedom Past. It’s a book about reopening, reclaiming and restoring liberty in a post-lockdown world. As the second-guessing that every writer experiences trickles along, I wonder if I should have named it A Song to Sing, after one of the blog posts that linchpins its theme.Continue reading “A Song to Sing”

W.B.’s Book Report: Amusing Ourselves to Death

Can you believe I waited 38 years to read Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman? I’ve heard about the book and had a feeling I should read it someday, but 38 years? Writing in 1984, Postman noted that the world at that time was not Orwellian as much as it recalled the vision AldousContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Amusing Ourselves to Death”

Home stretch of a good morning’s journaling

Here I am, slightly more than an hour after I sat down, starting on a 10th page of this Moleskine after so many days where I barely scratched out a sentence if I even picked up the pen. How do I recapture this level of productivity day to day? Could it all be as simpleContinue reading “Home stretch of a good morning’s journaling”

Better time’s a coming

It’s going to be all right. No one wakes up in the morning wanting to hate their neighbor. No one wants the world to go to hell in a hand basket. People want to believe the best of others — the worst of us depend on that instinct and get rich exploiting it. People (eventually)Continue reading “Better time’s a coming”

Reclamation project in progress

I gave my fedora to the moose on the top shelf, and he wears it jauntily, a stuffed Indiana Jones retired from the field and grateful for the respite. Dark forces are at large in the world today, weaving an undercurrent of despair and the death-fear, trying to make us lose hope and abandon faithContinue reading “Reclamation project in progress”

They want you afraid

They want you afraid. They want you feeling hopeless. They want you to turn to them for help. Who are “they”? Well, who scares you? Government bosses? Drug commercials? Political commercials? Some sales guy who says his product will solve your fear? Could be it’s all of the above. It’s a common tactic, and it’sContinue reading “They want you afraid”

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