Carpe diem

The book I was reading when the new year began was Take Back Your Time by Christy Wright, who advocates a five-step process that can be described as time management only as a shorthand. “Life management” may be more precise but that sounds a little too grandiose and controlling.

Anyway, the five steps are: Decide what matters. Stop doing what doesn’t matter. Create a schedule that reflects what matters. Protect what matters. Be present for what matters. (Details in the book.)

I was tinkering with creating a schedule when this thought entered my mind, an old thought that often recurs when I tinker like this: We have divided our weeks into seven 24-hour days, so 168 hours every week. Take away 7 times 8 hours equals 56, and we’re left with 112 waking hours. Set aside 40 hours for the day job, and 72 discretionary hours are left. 

We’re in charge for more than 10 hours a day, on average.

Shouldn’t that be enough if we use the hours well?

I oversimplify. I admit that. My main point is that every day has time enough, if we remember to seize it.

(I thought perhaps to hold this thought for a Monday, but then I realized that on Friday for most of us, the two freest days of the week are before upon us. Go for it!)

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