Two pages, two moments

I turned the page and saw two blank, facing pages. First I felt trepidation. Whatever do I have to say? What could I possibly write to fill such a space? Who am I to presume I could fill these pages?

Then I looked again and saw two blank, facing pages. This time a feeling of peace, contentment and anticipatory joy rose in my chest. Two pages to fill with whatever struck my fancy! What can I write to fill this space? It can be anything I choose, and oh! What fun!!

They were the same two pages. It was if a switch were thrown in my brain. One moment filling the pages was work to be dreaded. The next it was play to be savored.

I don’t know what caused the shift, but I need to find out. I need to bottle the sense of play, so that every morning I can pop off the cork and drink of it.

Should I expand the metaphor and apply it to life? I turn the page and see the work of drudging through the day. I turn the page and see the opportunity to create something new and fanciful and useful for myself and perhaps even for others.

How I greet the blank new pages makes the difference.

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