A day of living

This could be the last day of your life.
Or it could be the first of thousands.
Faced with that uncertainty, the only thing
to do is to make it a day of living.

Open the boxes of Christmas decorations —
smiley snowmen and baby Jesus.
Tannenbaum goes up this weekend
because it is a day of living.

Find a song to sing, find a reason to smile,
find a reason to give, call a long lost old friend,
or go for a long walk and kick piles of leaves,
just make it a day a living.

I have known days with laughter a constant companion
and days when the tears would not stop.
We never know how many days we have left,
all the more reason to make each a day of living.

“Get a life!” mockers cry, but what do they know?
This life seems just fine when I look at it clearly.
Of course, my past is much longer than my future these days,
so I relish every new day of living.

Yep, this could be the last day of my life,
though I’d rather look forward to thousands,
but the one thing I know that I can control
is to make it a day of living. 

May you always have reasons to be thankful,
may you always thank those who need thanking,
may your life be filled with strivings worth striving,
and countless grand days of living.

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