Reintroducing myself

(I found this Jan. 3, 2020, entry at the beginning of a journal. I’ll have to think what I would add after the ensuing 18 months.) Hi Warren. Remember me? It’s me — Warren. My favorite books — Nineteen Eighty-Four. Pretty much anything by Ray Bradbury but Dandelion Wine most of all. The Scarlet Letter,Continue reading “Reintroducing myself”

We are all interested in the future

“We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.” — The Amazing Criswell, in Plan Nine From Outer Space Ed Wood’s most famous film is one of my guiltiest pleasures, and the opening monologue by The Amazing Criswell is one ofContinue reading “We are all interested in the future”

Glad … for what ifs

I’m so glad … for speculative fiction. Of course, ALL fiction is speculative. There are science fiction and fantasy what-ifs … What if a farm boy in a distant galaxy grew up to be a new hope? (Star Wars) What if a farm girl accidentally traveled to a magical kingdom and saved her friends? (TheContinue reading “Glad … for what ifs”

Top 10 lists of remembered joy

While mindlessly surfing social media the other day, I stumbled across a “10 best TV shows of all time” thread. I love lists and so enjoyed wandering through other people’s lists. Then I decided to give it a whirl. These are the 10 shows I thought of before my brain started thinking “shows that IContinue reading “Top 10 lists of remembered joy”