Echoes flies from the nest

Today is the day that my 11th book goes live. Echoes of Freedom Past: Reopening, Reclaiming and Restoring Liberty is a collection of my essays, blog posts and a short story about the subjects of freedom and tyranny, most of them from the past couple of years but also the 2008 chestnut “An election partyContinue reading “Echoes flies from the nest”

9 sentences about connecting

So much of what we read, and watch, and listen to, is about our differences. Our skin color, our culture, our opinions. So much of what is reality is what we have in common. Great art is about what connects us. Heroes are heroes. Noble acts transcend differences. If we’re pricked, we all bleed. WeContinue reading “9 sentences about connecting”

Restoring liberty

I mentioned a little while ago that “I’m putting the final tweaks on a collection of musings about this topic, you know, the topic about certain, unalienable rights and the unpleasant folks who fight tooth and nail to take those rights away.” At the time I was still wrestling with what to call the darnContinue reading “Restoring liberty”

Where have you gone, Henry L. Mencken … ?

A dear friend of ours celebrates his birthday today, and in his card I told him how grand it is that we have lived to see H.L. Mencken’s prophecy fulfilled — the first quote below. Then I thought I would mark the occasion here by sharing some of Mencken’s timeless observations. I had 10 withinContinue reading “Where have you gone, Henry L. Mencken … ?”

It’s all on us

I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Everything irritated me. Except I got up on the same side of the bed I always do. What was the real difference? Why was it that little things I usually overlook were now annoying? What was the — to use a silly overusedContinue reading “It’s all on us”

Ebeneezer Scrooge as role model

As I come within spitting distance of my 70th birthday, now 13 months away, I increasingly am convinced that the ruling class of this world, like all sociopathic criminals, is always looking for ways to decrease the surplus population. The phrase is from Ebeneezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Representatives of a charityContinue reading “Ebeneezer Scrooge as role model”

Canadian truckers speak for us all

I spent time Saturday morning catching up on the independent journalist coverage of the Freedom Convoy standoff in Ottawa, where the prime minister of Canada and the premier of Ontario continue to defy the people’s demand to loosen the chains they have put on their nation’s economy. In a remarkable article by Rupa Subramanya thatContinue reading “Canadian truckers speak for us all”

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