A siren passes

Our home is just off the highway between Green Bay and Door County. It is not unusual to hear a siren passing by, an ambulance going to get a patient, or bringing a patient to hospital, as fast as they can. An ambulance passes as I read and write. Someone is in crisis, while IContinue reading “A siren passes”

Good night and good luck

And now comes word that Jim Haney died on Dec. 2. Consider me officially knocked off the rails. In the early days I would tell people I discovered Jim Haney, who was a year behind me at Ripon College. I saw the engaging fellow with the authoritatively resonant voice and recruited him to do aContinue reading “Good night and good luck”

I would live my life with kindness

I am reading a 1996 book called How, Then, Shall We Live? by Wayne Muller. It was one of a dozen books I grabbed from a table in a room at an estate sale, where everything you could fit in a bag was $10. So I bought this book for pennies; it’s a miraculous bargain.Continue reading “I would live my life with kindness”

The dreams of ending roads

I needed two dreams for my subconscious to drive home the point. A long-ago friend and I set off on a journey in an RV not unlike the one Red and I have talked about buying (or renting to see if we and the dogs like it). We are sailing through the countryside and roarContinue reading “The dreams of ending roads”

Ancient pack names

Summer walks in as I write in my journal and lets me stroke her head for a few moments before circling and laying at my feet. I asked her, “Should we have lived with you for a while before naming you, instead of picking a name and finding a dog to fit it? Is yourContinue reading “Ancient pack names”


Here I am, taking up pen and paper again after a long winter’s nap. The first part of the day, before I slept, felt like being in a haze, under water — but at the time it felt normal. Not until I woke up from the nap did I realize how clear my mind isContinue reading “Siesta”

These are the good old days

“We can never know about the days to come, But we think about them anyway … So I’ll try and see into your eyes right now And stay right here, ’cause these are the good old days.”  Carly Simon, “Anticipation” Carly Simon’s song about the difference between anticipation and reality comes to the wonderful conclusionContinue reading “These are the good old days”

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