A point of perseverance

This is Day 358 of my “blog every day for 92 days” personal challenge. Barring an unforeseen catastrophe, next Saturday I’ll complete a full year of daily blogging for the first time in my decade and a half since discovering how easy it is to have a blog. Will I quit shortly afterward, like IContinue reading “A point of perseverance”

Waking more than usual

TEN HOURS of sleep in the last 24, including 8.5 hours straight before waking at 5 a.m. Who is this stiff and aching guy plopped in the blue chair waiting for coffee? Wait, I need caffeine? Really? So: Poisons are cleared from my brain, and what am I thinking? What should I do with aContinue reading “Waking more than usual”

Page 70

I’m scribbling on Page 55 of the current journal, and I just took a minute to number the upcoming pages through 70, even though under normal circumstances it may take a week or so before I need Page 70. I wonder what I’ll be thinking when I get to Page 70? I wonder what I’llContinue reading “Page 70”

Life is what happens while …

I’ve been sitting here for five minutes, thinking about what I could be writing, instead of actually writing. I wonder if that’s a metaphor for life: You could be living, but instead you sit and think about the life you could be living. Oh, it’s important to sit and think, too, it’s a form ofContinue reading “Life is what happens while …”

The 1948 nickel

There it was, a little piece of evidence, proof that life existed before I was born. Then I realized I was surrounded by such evidence — the 1941 Philco radio, the fragile newspaper dated 1915, the Will Rogers biography from 1935 that spoke of his recent death. What was it about the 1948 nickel thatContinue reading “The 1948 nickel”

Random scribbling before dawn, Part II

Ten minutes. That’s all it took — a short burst of effort, a little bit of time — to write the blog post I put up Wednesday. That’s how 272-day writing streaks happen. “Can you meet this goal for this moment in time?” “Sure, I guess I can.” “Good. How about now? Can you doContinue reading “Random scribbling before dawn, Part II”

Choices we make today

A scream of consciousness cuts through the quiet: This is today, isn’t it? The debris from yesterday continues to haunt, and the promises of tomorrow may or may not ring true, but today is here, right on time, to be shaped and formed now, to our pleasure and delight or to our weary horror —Continue reading “Choices we make today”

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