Restoring liberty

I mentioned a little while ago that “I’m putting the final tweaks on a collection of musings about this topic, you know, the topic about certain, unalienable rights and the unpleasant folks who fight tooth and nail to take those rights away.” At the time I was still wrestling with what to call the darnContinue reading “Restoring liberty”

Echoes of freedom past

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes,” someone said. History doesn’t repeat itself, but you can hear its echoes every day. Politicians goad each other into waging war. The actions of insane criminals are used to justify shackling the innocent. Censors in every era use the same arguments to silence original thought or dissent.  TheContinue reading “Echoes of freedom past”

A check-in after 5 years

I don’t leaf through my old journals very often, so it was interesting Thursday morning to pick up a journal that I just happened to have completed May 11, 2017, five years and one day ago. I had started scratching out words in the 192-page journal July 27, 2016. During the months that I filledContinue reading “A check-in after 5 years”

My next collection

My writings about freedom and tyranny are, according to the analytics, not my most popular stuff. Should I turn from that theme, or should I keep writing in hopes I finally jar people into waking up? Screw the analytics. It’s not a theme I can abandon. There’s too much at stake in these tyrannical times.Continue reading “My next collection”

A flock of squirrels

Our attention has been redirected so many times in the last few years that a whiplash pandemic is the next national crisis. As soon as we start sniffing the ground for a whiff of what really ails us, the Powers That Be shout “Squirrel!” and send us scampering in another direction — until we holdContinue reading “A flock of squirrels”

The only free dog on this train

When Summer the 9-month-old puppy goes outside, either she is tethered to a leash or the area where she roams is surrounded by fencing, for her protection. She loves foraging for sticks and leaves. We are still fearful because eight years ago her older sister, Dejah, needed emergency surgery at age 2 months because sheContinue reading “The only free dog on this train”

Where have you gone, Henry L. Mencken … ?

A dear friend of ours celebrates his birthday today, and in his card I told him how grand it is that we have lived to see H.L. Mencken’s prophecy fulfilled — the first quote below. Then I thought I would mark the occasion here by sharing some of Mencken’s timeless observations. I had 10 withinContinue reading “Where have you gone, Henry L. Mencken … ?”

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